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Anonymous said: "Indigenous Palestinians" are nothing more than the children of Muslim Colonists. Israel was conquered by the Caliphs of Islam and then Islamified by the Mamluk and Ottoman Sultans. The establishment of a Jewish state in Israel is not "Ethnic Cleansing," it is much more complicated than that. It would be kind of like if all Europeans left the Americas and gave it back to the Native Americans. This does not justify their abhorrent aggressive expansion, however, but that is another issue entirely


This is so wrong on so many levels. Let me explain.

The vast majority of Palestinians today identify as Arab and Muslim. This however, does not mean that the population we call Palestinians today moved in after the Muslim conquests in the 7th century. This is a typical “rookie mistake”.

Of course there was tribal Arab and Muslim migration towards every region after the conquest, but these remain a minority compared to the indigenous population. I don’t think people realize how little people the Muslim Arab tribes had compared to areas like the Levant and Egypt. It would have been literally impossible for them to replace the original inhabitants.

No, what happened, was that the indigenous population came to be Arabized and Islamized over time. But they are the same population. DNA tests were used to try and disprove Palestinian ties to the land and show them as outsider Arabs. These tests all showed that the majority of Palestinians have DNA traces leading back as far as they could trace. i.e. way before the Muslim conquests.

As for the second part. The Jewish population were not the first people to ever set foot in Palestine. Even if they were, it wouldn’t make a difference.

What the Zionists did to Palestine was 100% ethnic cleansing, by all definitions of the term. A bunch of European colonists fresh off the boat pushing out the indigenous population for an ethnocratic state. It’s not complicated in the slightest, people love to say it’s complicated but yet /never/ elaborate how it’s complicated.

Your analogy is terrible. If anything it’s the other way around. The indigenous population is the one being removed in favor of European settlers. That their ancestors may have had a kingdom lasting 70 years 2000 years ago is irrelevant. Because guess what? We as the indigenous population were also part of that kingdom.

Also, why is Palestine Jewish because they had a kingdom there at one point? Do you have any idea how many kingdoms and conquerors Palestine has had? Using this logic, an Italian or an Iraqi or an Egyptian could easily lay claim to most of the Middle East. It’s really as absurd as it sounds.

Palestine belongs to its indigenous people. i.e. the Palestinians, and not fresh settlers from Europe. When I say indigenous Palestinians, that also includes the Jewish Palestinians that lived here before mass Zionist immigration.

We’ve been on this land all our lives, and everything that has happened in Palestine is our history. This includes the pre-Jewish period, the Jewish period, Babylonian, Assyrian, Roman, Persian, Ummayad, Abbasid…everything. All of this is our heritage. It’s been the same population, under many rulers, under many religions, under many names. But essentially, we are more or less the same people. (Of course taking into account intermarriage and immigration waves over thousands of years)

So please, watch what you call us. And drop the condescending quotation marks when you say indigenous Palestinians. Also your history is way off with the Mamluks and Ottomans.

There are a lot more points to raise, but this answer has gone on long enough.


In recurring news, fuck Israel.

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I’m going to need everyone to stop saying that Israel is just defending itself.

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“Yes, poor little old you. There we were, discussing rape, violence against women, systemic oppression and other manifestations of sexism, and you had to jump in to remind us that “not all men” do these things. Why don’t you really say what you want to say? “I HAVE NEVER RAPED/HIT/ASSAULTED A WOMAN!” Right? Isn’t this what you really want to say? Yes, make a discussion that is about the plight of MILLIONS of women about poor little old you. I mean, millions of women are being assaulted and oppressed, but you’ve never done it, so why are we making you uncomfortable with these discussions?” — Brenda Wambui breaking down the ridiculous “Not all men!” phrase over at Medium (via tiredestprincess)

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These people get paid to save lives.